Our Products

High Tenacity Yarn
We produce High Tenacity Polypropylene Multi Filament Yarn under the brand name of SUJLON with State of Art production technology from Europe with a denier range from 100D to 5000D and a tenacity range of 6 to 7 gpd for various industrial applications.

We produce both flat and twisted yarn with a twist range of 50 TPM up to 300 TPM in both S and Z direction.

Our yarn is used for following applications:

1)  Filter and Industrial fabric,
2)  Geo Fabrics,
3)  HDPE & PP woven Sack mouth and bottom closing
4)  Sewing Thread for FIBC (Fully integrated Bulk Container),
5)  Shoe Stitching ,
6)  PVC Hose Pipe Reinforcement,
7)  High tenacity slings.
8)  Tapes or narrow woven fabrics for school and luggage bags.

High Tenacity Twine

We are manufacturing all types of two and multiple plied twine commonly used as Stitching and Sewing Threads for sealing bags in sugar, rice and fertilizers industry. Apart from these applications our product is also used for manufacturing fishing nets. We produce the twine with below mentioned construction:

a) 210*3*2
b) 210*4*2
c) 500*2
d) 600*2
e) 700*2
f) 840*2
g) 1000*2
h) 840*3
i) 840*2*3
j) 840*3*3


As part of our strategy towards downward integration we have started manufacturing PP narrow woven fabric. We market our webbing under the brand name of “Surya”. Our webbing is used for manufacturing soft luggage, traveling/school bags. We also produce high tenacity webbing used in jumbo bags. We produce webbing with size ranging from 10 mm up to 75mm.

Crimp Yarn

SFPL is manufactures Polypropylene Multifilament Crimp yarns in different shades and deniers, the range being Deniers from 65 to 210. For reference you can see our shade card. We can also supply Crimp Yarn in different shades depending customer requirement and specifications. We also supply PP HE (High Elongation yarn) our yarn is used in manufacturing of elastic tape and in garment industry.  

Low Tenacity Yarn

SFPL also specializes in manufacturing low tenacity colour yarn. Our range of products includes both flat (FDY) and twisted yarn in wide range of shades shade card. We produce yarn with round as well as trilobal cross section filaments. Denier range includes 210 to 1000. Our products are mainly used in braided dori, narrow woven fabric, mallai dori, and hosiery industry.  



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